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I am blessed (and I do mean blessed) to have many such positive reviews on my novel, The Boy in the Basement. When I read a review that demonstrates to me that the reader really understood where I was leading them; I feel so humbled and validated.

However, although the vast majority of the reviews are positive (4.4 out of 5 on Goodreads), when I get a negative comment, it does a real number in my head. If I allow it, the comment can weave intricate webs of doubt into my brain. So I don't allow it to fester. Instead, I utilize self-talk, affirmations and other Mindfulness techniques to push through the negative thoughts. And they go away.

I pose this question, in all sincerity, to all my author friends: How do you handle negative reviews? What are some tools that I can add to my toolbox? Would love to hear from you all!


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