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Water For Camels

I've been writing this blog since 2017.

I can't believe how time has flown by

I have 1,600 followers, and I appreciate each and every one who honors me by reading my posts! I hope to add new followers so that I can continue the message of encouragement and support to those who give of themselves to help others.

For those newer followers, I wanted to reiterate my vision and purpose for this blog. I have worked with families and children who come from trauma places since 1987. Firsthand, I observed the emotional and physical toll on those who chose a career that takes on the trauma of others. And I understood that social workers were not the only ones. Therapists, Special Education teachers, non-profit staff and many other professionals pour themselves into the task of helping others who could not otherwise help themselves.

Besides a writer, a social worker, an advocate and a goofball, I am a wonderer. No, I don't wander off, lost in my own thoughts...I wonder. Daily observations strike me as well as past experiences, and I write about them. As I wondered about the plight of those who were carrying secondary trauma, the image of a camel came to mind.

Camels take on the "baggage" of others, carrying it across a stark and unwelcoming environment, and deliver person and their baggage safely on the other side.

Hmmmm. I guess that makes us camels!

Camels accomplish all of these feats with little to no water.

Hmmm So do we! How often do social workers burn out or leave the profession because they are starved for their own replenishment?

I decide to start Water for Camels to bring that replenishment...that water to those who don't often hear encouraging or supportive words.

And that is that. If you need encouraging or supporting and feel like you are in the middle of a dry desert...Let this be your oasis.


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