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The Shame and Blame Game

Bombardment: A continuous flow of information, questions and criticisms.

Bombardment has become our new normal. Every newscast, every facebook, twitter, instagram post are all fixated on one thing.


Understandably. Because we weren't prepared. The crisis snuck in during the night when we were sleeping. A couple of months ago, we all shook our heads, said a prayer or sent up a positive thought in the direction of China. In disbelief, we clicked our tongues at their misfortune and the drastic measures enforced for an entire country. All silently thanking God that is wasn't us. And while we were shaking, praying, thinking and came for us.

And the Blame Game Began.

Republicans blamed the Democrats. Democrats Blamed the Republicans. The older blamed the younger, who thought they were invulnerable and took no heed of warnings. The poor blamed the rich for getting all the tests. The rich blamed the richer for getting tests first. The religious blamed the sinners and the sinners blamed the church.

I've watched people on social media use aspects of the virus to cause arguments and dissension, utilizing a crisis to drive home their very personal beliefs or convictions as the only truth.

Wake Up People!

Lives have been lost.

Thousands of Lives.

And it continues to claim them.

Economies are suffering. People have been laid off. In one quick month, they went from planning a summer trip to the Gulf to worrying about losing their homes and some even wondering if they can buy necessities.

And those who are not yet infected, have been forced to live in isolation, cringing from every human touch, hugs, goodbye kisses..the things that friends and family share. Quarantined in their homes with the television on...Bombarding.

And Yet....

The most amazing thing is...

Those who are not blaming, grandstanding and causing dissension are Helping. People are doing what they can to ease the burden of others. That is what should happen in a crisis that EVERYBODY will face. Seamstresses are making masks. College students are delivering free meals to the elderly. Concerned caring individuals are donating goods and money to organizations that get those things to the most in need.

And then there are those that serve on the front line. You hear every single day about the doctors, nurses, firemen, and other first responders who cannot shelter at home. They go willingly into hospitals and clinics to treat the sick. We are amazed at their selflessness and commitment. And like the infantry, when one falls sick, another one takes their place. We should praise them.

They are not the only ones though.

In the midst of this terrifying new reality, where people are ordered to stay home, into the fray go the Social Workers. Without masks or protection, other than hand sanitizer and lysol, social workers still go into the homes of strangers to ensure children are safe.

Experts are expecting a higher incident of child abuse and neglect during this time. Why?

Think about it. Schools are closed. We are "sheltering in place." Being confined to the home the entire day and night can be difficult long term for any family. However, in abusive homes, the children are more vulnerable. They have lost their safety window from 8-3; when they were normally at school.

When the schools closed, those same children became isolated with one or more parent with underlying trauma issues, substance abuse issues or untreated mental health conditions. They are trying to cope with the fear of the virus. Add to the mix; the stress of children being children. The combination could amplify the lack of appropriate stress response. Pressure builds with no outlet. And when the kettle blows, the children pay the price.

And when the call comes, the social workers respond. I have seen this all over the world. Child Protective Services can be dangerous enough without the fear of contracting a potentially serious illness. Yet they go where they are needed and no one knows to thank them.

Thank You Social Workers, Therapists, Case Managers and to all you brave women and men who put their very lives on the line for the safety of vulnerable children and older adults. You will never be acknowledged like others because you operate confidentially. You will not be touted as heroes.

But, in my book, you are.

Thank you for what you do. Thank you for putting aside the risk to your own life to make sure that an innocent child is protected.

COVID-19 is here now.

The disease will eventually start to slow as the curve flattens out. The timetable for the reduced threat varies according to who you are quoting. But like other pandemics that have come in our time, it will come to an end.

Until it does, we are all one tribe. No matter your color, creed, religion, political view, or economic status. One Tribe. Now is the time to come together and remember all of those things we have in common, instead of fixating on how we are different.

It's nobody's fault that a virulent virus is attacking our cities. Stop blaming and start helping. Instead of pointing out your idea of the problem, see what your unique skills and talents can do to be part of the solution.

You matter. I matter. We all matter. We are in this together and together we can stand.

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