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The Boy in the Basement

It's Halloween, 2019, in Mobile Alabama. Jennifer Riley, CPS supervisor and her team, face a nightmare line up of child abuse cases. A young boy, imprisoned by his mother in the family basement, fights for his very life. A baby girl, whose parents are drug addicts, is on life support from a traumatic brain injury. Despite the signs and natural assumptions that could lead the team to the perpetrators, the investigators discovered that the truth is never that simple. The team must navigate the "who" and the "why" of these cases with guidance from Jennifer. But when a ghost from her past reappears, Jennifer is shaken to her very core.

One of her former foster children, who had survived the system is murdered. What follows challenges her beliefs. Will her own self-doubt derail the team?

I am excited to announce that my book will be released to booksellers around the world on June 23rd. The advanced copies are in and I am looking for experienced book review bloggers to review it.

The Boy in the Basement not only shines a light on child and family trauma, but also spotlights the effects of Secondary Trauma on Social Workers.

For those of you who are much more experienced than I, I would love some recommendations and tips on having the book reviewed.

If anyone is interested in getting a copy, they are now available at Barnes and Nobles for ordering, or on Kindle at Amazon.

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