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Novel is live!

If you don't know the drama, Let me give you a brief synopsis. Published my first novel on Amazon. I am really happy and frankly humbled to hear all of the reviews of those who have read the book! But I found out that that I had submitted the wrong draft at first with mistakes. When I submitted the correct one, it took very long for the changes to show live on Amazon. I did not advertise the novel until the changes had been made.

But thank God, the book on Amazon is now the correct one without the typos! I would encourage you if you like fiction regarding childhood trauma as well as the secondhand trauma of those who care for hurt families and children, to check it out.

I would love those of you who review books to review it. I want to grow and develop as a fiction writer, sharing my passion for social change in print.

The link to the book is here:

Thank you for all your support!


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