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Heaven has a new Angel

For those that follow my blog regularly, I recently posted about one of the sweetest, most loyal, and loving member of my family: Juno.

Without warning, and in a very short window, Juno began seizing yesterday. By the time I got her in my car in to the vet, it was too late.

Just the previous day, Juno and I, sitting on my back porch played ball. Although a little older and not as nimble, she loved to chase the ball and bring it back. Being respectful of her arthritis, I would only throw it a few feet. She acted like she didn’t notice and chased after it just as if I had thrown out 100 yards.

She went quickly, sparing herself (but actually probably sparing the whole family) a prolonged suffering.

Last night I was numb. Every room sighed with reminders of my pain: her bowl, her blanket, her turkey toy. Today I am lost. Keeping busy with tedious tasks so my mind has to focus. And tomorrow, I will allow myself to slowly find my way back to joy.

Because Juno was joyful. She loved being loved and giving love. An amazing empath. She could read my emotions. When I was sad or upset, Juno was sad. Never had a master treated her subject so well. And I, the subject, will be forever grateful.

Last night I thought that if Juno was a visiting Angel, her time with me was up. And I am so much better for those 14 years. I wished everyone could have had that kind of time with her.

Then, a germ of an idea begin to form. What if I started a children’s series about a visiting Angel dog named Juno. We will see.

In the blogging world, I have not met very many of those that follow me and those that I follow. But there seems to be some sort of connection; almost as if we were a tribe of people wanting to express themselves with the desired outcome of making the world just a little bit better.

And writing, my own balm of Gilead, will help me to keep walking the path until I meet my angel dog again

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