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Finishing Last

  1. There will always be those more experienced than you, who make the task look easy. Remember, they were once in the same space you now occupy. Being the quickest doesnt always equate with being the best. We both completed the course. I knew that if I continued training and building up my skill in jogging, each race would see me improving my standing.

  2. There will always be those who are having more difficulty than you are. Focusing on your own issues could rob you of the chance to help them. Rremember how it felt when you were in that situation. Reach out to help them.

  3. True friends will come to support you when you need it. They remember what it is like and want to show their support. Let them. So I completed my first 5K. Now, encouraged by success, I want to do another one. I am aware that it means I need to keep pushing myself and to not give up. As I continue to build up my strength and stamina in preparation, I will remember that it's ok to finish last. The important thing is to finish.

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