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Angela Lacy McClintock

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About the Author

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I'm not sure if I am a Social Worker at heart who loves to write or a writer who is passionate about Social Work.  

Either way, as they say, this is me.

I have been a storyteller my whole life and I'm not about to stop now!

My first novel, The Boy In The Basement, was an act of love, co-mingling realistic tales of the types of cases that CPS investigators handle with the very real consequence of caring too much:  Secondary Traumatic Stress.  The Boy in the Basement won First Place at the 2024 Bookfest Awards!

Currently, I am working on Book 2 in the Jennifer Riley series :  Grave Justice and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

I also write a weekly blog for the support and encouragement of Social Workers, Teachers, Therapists and others who takes on the burdens of others. 

You can access the blog directly from this site by going to the Water for Camels button.


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Books And Blogs

Books, Articles, Blogs and other Publications authored by Angela McClintock

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The Boy In The Basement

t’s Halloween 2019 in Mobile, Alabama. Jennifer Riley, CPS supervisor and her team, face a nightmare line-up of child abuse cases. A young boy, imprisoned by his mother, in the family basement, fights for his very life. A baby girl, whose parents are drug addicts, is on life support from a traumatic brain injury. Despite the signs and natural assumptions that could lead the team to the perpetrators, the investigators discovered that the truth is never that simple

water for camel

Water For Camels

Several years ago, as I watched so many social workers leave the profession due to burn out, compassion fatigue and lack of support, I wanted to find a way to reach out to them with understanding and encouragement.  The people who daily pick up and carry other’s trauma do so because they see that as their life’s purpose.  I wanted to celebrate them and let them know they were never alone.


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